Days of Life

Can you earn a ticket back to life?

While people celebrate the Day of the Dead, all the dead celebrate the Day of the Living and play a themed game… 



The aim of the game is to earn as many tickets as possible, which allows you to return to the world of the living.



At first glance, this card game is very simple. Play two cards in your turn for two different players (including yourself). One card is always closed and the other one is open. If at the end of their turn the player has a set of 5 or more cards in front of the character, they play their card combination and count the result.

The thing is that the half of these cards can be closed and sometimes it is difficult to predict which cards were thrown by other players. Depending on the set of cards that form the hand, the player earns crystals of positive or negative emotions. A certain set of crystals allows you to buy tickets to the world of the living. Whoever buys the most tickets by the time the deck ends wins the game.  




  • 7 character tablets to stock your card combinations around (also, in the complicated mode the character is given a special feature);
  • 90 memory cards that can form winning combinations;
  • 30 car cards, which end the deck and, accordingly, the game party;
  • 25 large crystals of positive emotions;
  • 25 large crystals of negative emotions;
  • 25 small neutral crystals;
  • 15 tokens of special character features;
  • 5 auxiliary memo cards;
  • 1 first player token;
  • Game rules.


Stay tuned. The game “Day of the Living” is planned for publication shortly.