Proton Games – are a positive and ambitious game studio. Our goal is to create new Ukrainian board games and promote them in the world.

For more than 10 years, each of us has been passionate about board games. We love board games so much, so this hobby has become a lifestyle. Therefore, we are now contributing to the development of board games.


OUR TEAM: Nikita Zakharchenko, Dmytro Skihin, Kseniya Skihina, Nataliia Artemenko, Yaroslav Bondarenko. There are plenty of plans and projects ahead! But we are always open to new ideas and suggestions. We are waiting for those who are just as crazy about board games and just as passionate about creating and popularizing original and exciting Ukrainian games to the world. Let’s create the coolest game product together!


S.Y.N.C. Discovery

The Super Computer S.Y.N.C. (Synchronizing Neuro-Connector) has opened up new prospects for humanity to reach distant worlds. It became possible  to teleport phantom messengers from the Earth, from the past, or even from the world of fantasies to the most remote parts of the Universe. Theexperiment requires a group of people who can use S.Y.N.C. to synchronize with each other and assemble an expeditionary team. Are you ready to join a group of like-minded people, learn to read each other’s minds to open new horizons?


Days of Life

While people celebrate the Day of the Dead, all the dead celebrate the Day of the Living and play a themed game. The power of memories brings participants crystals of positive and negative emotions, which allow buying tickets to life. Each dead person craves feeling alive again, so everyone tries to earn as many tickets as possible. Can you earn a ticket back to life?